Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder Review


I was going to start my blog with the usual info about myself and what I do, but that can wait. I first want to rave about the new Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder from Hourglass Cosmetics.
Being in my Forties, powder has, as a rule,become a bit of a no-go area for me and my dehydrated skin. It either makes it look more husk like than ever before or hunkers down into the fine lines around my eyes adding at least 10 years to my face.
So what makes Hourglass powders so different? Personally, I believe it’s the fine milling that makes it so soft, giving the impression that you have a light piece of chiffon floating about your face.Just pearly enough to make a difference,but in no way shouty.
I would never of dreamed of ‘strobing’ my face before, by the way. Just the thought of it was frightening.
Strobing made me think of the Eighties with women in plaited headbands and enormous perms, their faces resembling a copper teapot.
Anyway, contouring is out,apparently and strobed/dewy complexions are what we’re now supposed to be aiming for.
Ok, I can live with this.
The more moisture I can put into my mummified skin the better. And these powders are just the ticket for adding that polished finish.
So how do these work? Two options: They can either go on wet or dry. Depending on your mood. Personally I’ve opted for dry because it’s more low-key. Although you never know I might push the boat out one day and take a wet sponge to it. There is actually a specific sponge that’s been created to go with these. I, however tend to use my fingers, just because I like a light touch.
They are, thankfully, as subtle as you want them to be. Buildable and clever. They do not scream glitter. They just add a soft sheen to whatever cheekbones you have. I don’t have the type you can hang off, but what I do have is just enough to warrant these in my cosmetic arsenal.
I chose two shades because out of the four these were two that spoke to me.

Brilliant Strobe and Euphoric strobe.





They tend to lend themselves perfectly to the warmer tanned tone that I have and I knew that if I only got one I’d undoubtedly want the other.
Brilliant strobe is a pale gold yellow which I find great for a bit of a lift on the brow bone and the tip of my nose and cupid  bow.
Euphoric is a beige champagne colour which blends perfectly with my foundation and any light bronzer if I choose to wear it. I use this solely on my cheekbones and maybe a tiny bit above my eyebrows, again to just lift the face.


Both colours have different jobs so I’m glad I bought both. I also find that they are the perfect shades to marry with my Ambient Light setting powders. If you have either Dim,Luminous or Radiant light, then these two strobes are definitely ones to think about.
I purchased both of mine from John Lewis but they can also be bought at SpaceNk and Liberty of London and they retail for £34.

Happy Strobing!

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