St Tropez Everyday Tinted Body Lotion Review


I’ve got to say I’ve fallen totally in love with this stuff. I think it’s one of St Tropez’s new releases. It’s a tinted gradual tan that feels like velvet on the skin. Well, it does on my parchment anyway.
It has all the benefits of a gradual tan. i.e you can build to your own specification,with lots of moisturising going on. And on the plus side you have a fool proof colour marker and a lovely scent. That’s right, no fakey weird smell that usually sends husbands and cats running from the room. And it immediately looks great.
My first impression was the texture of the stuff. It looks, when first out of the tube, very much like body makeup/foundation. Yet when rubbed on, it’s disperses into a tinted lotion that spreads like marg.


Again,please excuse my hairdressers hands, they go through alot.
I’d say that I used about a quarter of the tube for my full body. And it covered everything. So I reckon you’d get 4 lots out of it. Which considering its only £15, is pretty good value for money.
I applied this at night and went to bed in it. It dried down really quickly and whilst it initially feels tacky on application it soon  turns into that lovely velvet feeling. I’m more than happy with this. It developed into a super nice colour and it’s totally inoffensive. If you do a Dark Tan once a week,then this is ideal for keeping it fresh. And, if like me, you just want to maintain a nice glow throughout the week then this really is all you need. And I also just want to point out that I had no streaking whatsoever. Although, the exfoliating rules still apply just in case. I will certainly repurchase.

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