Lancome Juicy Shaker Review



I know these have been out for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to give it a bit of time before I pass a judgement.
Aesthetically they are very pleasing to eye.  A mini cocktail shaker that come in a large beautiful assortment of colours. What’s not to like? They can be mixed and matched and they all have corresponding scents to their names. But to be honest ,I kind of expected more from this.
It’s a sold as a pigment infused lip oil. It doesn’t glide on like a gloss, it has to be dabbed on with the sponge applicator. Which is fine but,slicking your lips with a colour is a hard habit to break and I find myself having to reprogramme myself to do it.


The oil and the colour separate in the bottle and have to be shaken to mix, hence it’s namesake. It seems like a lot of faff if you’re in a bit of a hurry. My other beef is that you have to screw the applicator right back in to get more colour on the sponge. Even more faff.
They do feel nice on the lips once on there though. However, the colour pay -out isn’t anything to write home about, certainly on the lighter shades. Maybe the darker berry shades yield more. The colour that it appears in the bottle is not what you get on the lips.  It’s a watered down sheer version which is great if you don’t want a solid colour, but disappointing if you did.


I will continue to use it because I like to have something on my lips during the day, but I do tend to reach for my Lancome Lip Lover gloss over this because they just have so much more substance and the colour and shine is outstandingly good and an overall superior look.

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