Tom Ford Soleil Collection 2016.


So, the hotly anticipated Tom Ford summer collection has arrived ; like a massive express steam train, it finally rolled into British stores over the weekend. And everyone went crazy! Well, I did anyway. The hype and build up to this collection was pretty spectacular. And to be fair, it deserves it.
Unfortunately,I couldn’t get to any stores over the Bank Holiday, so I ordered a few of the pieces I wanted direct from Selfridges without having actually seen them in the flesh.  No matter. It’s Tom Ford. It’s going to be fabulous. I even purchased a lipstick without swatching it first. Unheard of to take such a gamble I know! What madness! However, it paid off. As I said,it’s Tom Ford,  It’s going to be fabulous.
So first up. And probably the showstopper of the collection is The Afternooner palette.


This palette is the size of my head.(‘Im not joking.) And it is so damn beautiful I practically stopped breathing when I opened it up.
You know in the movies when some pirate finds a treasure chest and opens it up and there is just a massive glow of gold coming from within  it that lights up the cave. Well, this had the same effect.
Three shades: A Hi-Lighter, A peachy pink blush and A bronzing contour. All  perfect.  I love, love, love this! It just makes my heart sing. It’s highly pigmented so it’s best to build it up slowly so as not to resemble a clown. Which is a big problem for me with collections because they’re all so amazing that all I want to do is  wear all of it.All at the same time. No matter how ridiculous I look! If you only had room for one thing in your handbag however  then this pallet is it. (Ok,so you might have to sacrifice other items to the depths of your husbands pockets to make room , but so be it.)  You don’t even need a brush to use this. You can easily swipe with your fingers across the shades and just place where you want.
It truly can do no wrong by me.
Second up is a couple of re-promotes: The Pink Sand Cream Blush and the Gold Dust Bronzer.



I didn’t get these last year. Wish I had though. (Where was I?? Living under a rock?)  The cream blush is to die for. I’ve got a pink Marc Jacobs blush that I recently bought and this cream sits perfectly on top of it. It just coats it with some extra irredescence and looks totally stunning when it hits the light. It has a subtle shimmer to it that gives that halo effect to the skin.
Now, I don’t know what it is with Tom Ford’s bronzers. How do they do it? What sort of jiggery pokery is used here? It’s like the only bronzer that I’ve come across that is the closest to a real tan that you can get. It mimics a healthy ‘caught’ look to almost perfection. It’s honestly the only one I’ve personally worn that looks like prettily baked skin, which I think is what he truly aims for with this line anyway.
Whenever I think of Tom Ford  summer collections, I just immediately think of the Cote d’Azur in the 50’s. Brigitte Bardot in St Tropez for example:All blonde, tanned and rolling around with Serge Gainsbourg  in a naughty bikini, looking effortlessly stunning.
The compacts themselves just evoke that era of beautiful people swanning along the Promenade de Anglais in Nice wearing peach
chiffon, giant sunglasses and stacks of jewels having cocktails in the Negresco with beautiful young men….. Who wouldn’t want to be that? Well,Tom Ford is giving us a glimmer of this bygone glamour. Isn’t it what we all crave in the summer?  Of course it is. And no one has this nailed as well as Tom, other than maybe Estee Lauder who manufactures his cosmetics. He’s giving us exactly what we want. A taste of being in the South of France looking a million bucks and being the very best versions of ourselves.

I actually remember some years ago the collaboration he did with Lauder when they bought out the Youth Dew Amber Nude range and then a range of cosmetics to compliment it. All packaged in sky blue and gold compacts. Full of golds, peaches and bronze. I bought the lot and was delighted with it. Finally here was someone who understood what women want and how we want to feel .But,things have advanced now and his offerings are so much more superior. That original collaboration was merely a preliminary sketch for the masterpieces to come.
As is the pricetag.( A lear jet, stocked with D.Perignon Champagne and caviar would be cheaper.)
Just the white and gold compacts alone are enough to see these flying off the counters at break-neck speed. Who cares what’s in them right? They just look amazegogs! He’s even bought out some mind-numbingly expensive white and gold leather make up bags for everyone to stash their highly prized goods in. Just in case the gorgeous compacts weren’t enough. I mean, let’s cue a heavenly choir while we’re at it!   It kind of makes me want weep abit really. It’s just all too dazzling for the human eye.



Lastly, is the lipstick I purchased without looking at it first. I needn’t have worried. It’s perfect.


It’s the new moisture core lip color in Cala Di Volpe. #4
They all have this, well, moisture core running through the centre. It’s the same core colour for all the shades. A kind of sheer watermelonish colour that doesn’t really have any pigment impact, but gives the lips that dewy, lying in the sun and sweating slightly look. A bit like the perfect model in the ad.
This colour is like a bronze brown shade. I have naturally very red lips, so luckily it works for me.
Overall , I’m super impressed with this collection. I will probably buy more from it. I want a couple of the cream eyeshadows as well as the bronzing primer which has so far had rave reviews. I also wouldn’t mind giving the illuminating skin soufflé a go just out of curiosity. Which,of course,I will post the moment I’ve got my jam-buttie fingers on them.
I would suggest that the range is almost certainly worth remortgaging your house for,or at least part exchanging  your kids pony for. It’s Tom Ford and both he and his products were created by the angels.

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