La Mer The Bronzing Powder Review


So, when La Mer released a bronzer, I almost had a panic attack. I utterly love their powder formulations. I have both The Powder and The illuminating Powder, which have moved very swiftly into my top  favourites. And this is no exception.
First up, there is no hideous over the top shimmer. Which, as I l’ve got older, I try now to avoid like the plague.Neither is it Fanta Orange. It’s in a divided-into-four colour pattern, which can either be dipped into individually or swirled together with a big fat brush. The colours range from a light Hi-Lighter shade to a matt tan. All of which melt together beautifully to create a completely natural look. Second up, it has a glorious scent to it. Not overpowering, just pretty. And of course, the compact itself, has a superb mirror
which makes it a handy-on-the-go item.
Of course, it’s unfortunately a limited edition piece (it would be wouldn’t it?!!) I’m almost tempted to buy another back-up in case.
I truly love this. I almost wish La Mer would create some blush colours as well, because I imagine they’d be stunning. With La Mer, I honestly believe that you get what you pay for. The ingredients are second to none. And I know that whatever product of theirs I put on my face is all good quality stuff.



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