Sisley Phyto-touche illusion d’ete. Sun glow bronzing powder review

Straight off the bat, this is one of the most beautiful formulas I have ever come across in a bronzer. It is so light and so pigmented I’ve been completely blown away by it.

You know, Sisley is one of those brands that whatever you buy, you know you’re getting the best ingredients out there. It’s a gel powder consistency and contains extracts of Gardenia, Mallow and Linen Blossom. Im completely infatuated with it. It is so velvet soft and such a beautiful colour, it just literally glides and melts into the skin like a dream. It blends out without any harsh build up or lines and gives the face an almost perfect celestial quality. And the colour is just a beautiful golden sunlit shade. There’s no orange and no muddiness to it. It’s pure sunshine. 

And thanks to Sisley I got this with an offer of a free lip twist pen and a sample size.So Intense mascara. Both so beautiful I will almost certainly be purchasing them again. And I was also lucky enough to recieve an eye make up remover and some lovely skincare samples, which all came packaged in a fabulous zip lock bag. 

To say I’m delighted with these products would be an understatement. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik BB Cream Review

This is something that caught my eye some time ago, but I’ve only just got round to purchasing. Totally inexpensive. I think I paid about £14 for it. 

This is a really good BB Cream. And I’ve tried alot. And for the price it’s certainly worth the recent hype surrounding it. Ok, so it’s not quite my La Mer Reparative skin tint, but it’s a very good second. And I think what makes it really quite special is that it adapts to all skin tones. This, I know sounds like quite a feat , considering the worry I had when I first saw the one-size-fits all shade. In fairness, it really does adapt. 

It’s also  said to have a revolutionary anti-aging complex. Which I think I’ll have to see over time if it lives up to those claims. It does however contain Dead Sea  minerals blended with pure plant extracts , Vitamin C,(to help collagen production, which is always a good thing in one’s forties) Vitamin E and an SPF 15. 

It says it can be used as either a primer or a foundation. Personally I’d probably mix it in with either a bit of Becca’s back lighting primer to add some real glowiness to the face. Or I would add a layer of setting powder. It is very hydrating, so those with oily skins, I think it will need patting down. 

It’s does have a fairly substantial coverage for a BB cream. Best put it on a bit at a time, because people like me who have hands like feet, end up with a large amount out of one squeeze. 

I do love the feel of this on the face. It hasn’t got a strong scent. It’s just clean, with the aura of something that will do good things for your skin. So far, I’m liking it.For the price I think it will be worth it.  But I’ll see how we get on before a repurchase.  

La Mer Perfecting Treatment Review

I’d been dying to try this from the moment it came out. It was so worth the wait. I finally bagged myself some, along with another Reparative Skin Tint.Whilst this can be used alone, under moisturiser and on top of moisturuser, the results when married together with the Skin Tint is sheer magic.

It’s aim is to improve the look of the skin texture, blur out inconsistencies and create a perfect base for make-up. Infused with La Mer’s miracle broth, it also acts as a skin treatment. And,  as I now refuse to put any base layers on my face unless they’re doing good things behind the scenes, to me this is a new HG.

The consistency is very much, I think, like the La Mer gel moisturiser.It’s light pink in colour and has that lovely slippery silicone feel when it goes on. I personally don’t bother with moisturiser when I wear this. I put the skin tint straight on over it and it is more than sufficient. And I have to be honest, my face stays dewy for the whole day. I so love that they introduced this. To me, it’s an exciting product, which, after 3 weeks use is already paying dividends. I must stress however, if you’re expecting a hard core foundation primer then this is not for you. It’s more of a skin treatment base that creates a nice canvas. It’s currently £155 for 50mls, but considering how little you need, it should last a good long time. And also considering the results I’ve had, it’s been worth every penny.