La Mer Perfecting Treatment Review

I’d been dying to try this from the moment it came out. It was so worth the wait. I finally bagged myself some, along with another Reparative Skin Tint.Whilst this can be used alone, under moisturiser and on top of moisturuser, the results when married together with the Skin Tint is sheer magic.

It’s aim is to improve the look of the skin texture, blur out inconsistencies and create a perfect base for make-up. Infused with La Mer’s miracle broth, it also acts as a skin treatment. And,  as I now refuse to put any base layers on my face unless they’re doing good things behind the scenes, to me this is a new HG.

The consistency is very much, I think, like the La Mer gel moisturiser.It’s light pink in colour and has that lovely slippery silicone feel when it goes on. I personally don’t bother with moisturiser when I wear this. I put the skin tint straight on over it and it is more than sufficient. And I have to be honest, my face stays dewy for the whole day. I so love that they introduced this. To me, it’s an exciting product, which, after 3 weeks use is already paying dividends. I must stress however, if you’re expecting a hard core foundation primer then this is not for you. It’s more of a skin treatment base that creates a nice canvas. It’s currently £155 for 50mls, but considering how little you need, it should last a good long time. And also considering the results I’ve had, it’s been worth every penny.

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