La Mer *New* The Soft Fluid Longwear Wear Foundation & Concealer.

Anyone who has read any of my previous posts will know that I have a long term love affair with La Mer, so when the new SkinColor range came on sale I pretty much dived straight in. Well, I have bought the foundation and concealer so far. I won’t purchase the powder or the illuminator until my old ones are finished even though I’m chomping at the bit to try them out.

My initial thoughts are on the packaging because it’s what we all see first. The original cardboard casing is alot thicker and had a pearlised finished to it. This doesn’t.  Which, personally doesn’t bother me. I rather there was less waste in the world. The new packaging does seem rather more eco-friendly, which is where all companies should be at by now. And as long as the product performs, the actual packaging means very little.

The new frosted glass container seems more refined and slimmed down compared to its predecessor. Personally I prefer it. The content is no less in volume and the lid is certainly a lot more friendly.

Now onto the actual product.

This foundation is like wearing velvet.  The consistency is sublime. They’ve completely upped the game as far as long wearing foundations go. Normally all day wear makeup is thick, cakey and mask like. This is nothing of the sort. It glides on and immediately becomes one with the face. There’s no weird oxidisation. The colour stays true all day. There’s no crepeiness , no flaking, no shine  and no pilling. This absolutely  stays fresh for the entire day. Which I honestly can’t say about anything else I’ve tried. By 5pm it’s as good as it was when I first applied it. It is also chocked full of Miracle Broth goodies and the SPF is higher than the old one.  So not only do you get a brilliant foundation that stays true to form, it’s also beavering away to give you a better complexion. Love it!

I bought the shade Linen as this was the best match for my skin, although I did warm the perimeter of my face with a dusting of bronzer. I can honestly say, I looked flawless with very little effort!

The Concealer.

This is definitely a more convenient way of applying. The old compact was cute and I did like it, but this is so much more handbag friendly. So less fiddly!

I chose medium because it’s what I was in the old format and honestly, the colour is no different.  The consistency however, does boast a more moisturising finish in my opinion. It still spreads like a dream, but it is so much more silky and less opaque. It still has the great coverage quality but a more refined texture. It also carrys the Miracle Broth. Which over time will certainly make my eyes look less tired!  I haven’t stopped wearing either products since they came to my door. And will review the Powders /Brushes when the time comes to invest.

I must also point out that both products marry very well with the new Soft Moisturising lotion.  Which, is also another game  changer. I really didn’t think that La Mer could improve on what were already outstanding products. But they have.

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