Sisley Double Tenseur & Instant Perfect Skin Primer.

Ok,so its not often I’d do two posts in one day,but today I have the time and quite possibly tomorrow also.

I just want to do a quick review on a couple of Sisley items I picked up in Harrods at the weekend. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you’ll know I have a true love of the brand and everything they do. I know they’re expensive,but I’ve got valid reasons as to why I favour them so much. I’ll bore you with that story another day. 

So back to primers. I picked up two of them. The reason is because I feel that they both do different things. And both are excellent at doing their thing.

The Double Tenseur is a fairly new offering. I was lucky to get a sample of this with a purchase the other month. It was something that I probably wouldn’t have been fussed about,but it was there and it cant be wasted.  And like all the samples Sisley dish out, you end up wondering how you every lived without it. Now I feel I have given the product enough of a run to be able to comment on it. It’s no good trying it for a day and then casting a vote. Well,not unless its behaved badly and left you with vile skin. It needs a good couple of weeks to get it to optimum performance levels.

It’s not actually advertised as a primer. Instead, and I quote the brand here, it’s a powerful moisturising lifting skin care with botanical extracts that not only works instantly but over the long term also. It’s like a second skin with a breathable flexible 3Dmesh that  stretches and then retracts to lift the features. And whilst it’s doing all this it also has a combination of Rhatany (this is a  root from a medicinal shrub found in S.America) and lemon extracts that tone and smooth out the skin.

Does it work? Well,yes,actually it does. 

But,you only realise this when your sample has run out and you start grizzling.

It’s a cracking product really. It lays down a really good canvas for anything else you put over the top of it. Even if it didnt have long term skin benefits, the fact that it creates a perfect base for foundation is enough for me. The other attributes are a bonus.

And at the end of the day when my face comes off, my skin feels good!!!!Not just clean, but good!! 

I’m very impressed with this product. It does what it says on the tin. I mean,box.

Moving on to the Instant Perfect.

This definitely has the silicones about it. Which as everyone knows feels like velvet when applied and does a jolly good job of pore minimising and filling in fine lines.This product is no exception.  If you want to Mattify any oily T-Zones or forehead shine,then this is your friend. Also,if you just prefer a Matt complexion over a glowy look,then this is also your friend. Added to that it has the usual skin goodies. I.e Its not going to clog your face over time. 

I must say, it is very reminiscent of my beloved YSL moisture glow in texture and it has the same colour/feel as the Clarins skin perfector equivalent.  So if you don’t want to part with so much dosh then these two are a very good alternative. 

I,personally,have been marrying the Double Tenseur and the skin perfector together and have had outstanding results. Brilliant in fact. Too brilliant,as I now feel like I’ve created my own monster and will never be free again. 

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