Sisley-Paris Beauty Subscription April. La Vie En Rose!

Just received this month’s box from the postman this morning. Loving these sample sizes,as I’m going ski-ing at the weekend and they are perfect for travel.

So what have we got:

This month’s theme is Rose.

Lovely!! Super-Lovely in fact! 

1) Lysait Cleansing Milk. 

I use this before I do my proper Clarisonic cleanse( I use the Phyto-blanc Lightening foaming Cleanser).                                                    

This is a very pleasant cleansing milk designed for sensitive skin. I find it’s great for taking off the makeup. It clears the skin ready for my shower time. I always double cleanse, because I believe there’s nothing more important for the skin than cleaning it properly,other than wearing SPF and staying out of the sun. This cleanse contains White Lily extract which promotes comfort to the face, Linden Blossom to soften, sunflower oil to nourish, Vitamin E, a good antioxidant, Woodmallow for hydration and Orange Blossom for toning. This is a very good all rounder,which I’ve used time and time again, especially if I’m away. These size bottles are also really handy to decant any full size products into for handbags and flight bags. 

2) Floral Toning Lotion.

This is great if you’ve just exfoliated your face. It clears up any residue from masks etc…It contains Witch Hazel and Rose for calming the skin down, especially if you’ve had a scrub.It smells and feels fab! I tend to use a Glycolic Acid toner every other day. And this on the days in between. Which,I find to be a good balance. It’s also nice if you just want to swipe across the skin for a quick freshen up. 

3) Black Rose Cream Mask.

I go through tubes of this stuff. It is absolutely one of my Holy Grail products. It stands alone as far as masks go. It does suggest to leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wipe away any residue. Forget that. Seriously. Slather it on and go to bed. You will wake up with a new face. (My step-daughter recently said that I still look like a teenager. I’m not sure if it’s this stuff or whether she’s just after some cash. I tell myself that it’s this stuff.) I also sometimes wear a thin layer as a moisturiser before make up. It keeps everything super plumped and hydrated. And the smell is almost addictive. If you’re going to splurge on anything from Sisley,then make it this. It’s worth every dime.

Note; I had some Harrods rewards points. Which get converted into cash every year. I spent every last penny of them on this one product. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen my Husband openly weep in public. 

4) Black Rose Precious Face oil. 

This is just too good. Like the cream, the smell is addictive as is the texture. You do not need a lot. It spreads really really well. I find that if it is applied underneath the mask and left on overnight the results are outstanding. It contains Omega 3&6,  powerful plants extracts like Plum and Camellia oil and Padina Pavonica which they say nourishes and regenerates. To me though,its the Rose that I’m obsessed with. It’s also good for dropping into your foundation if you want that more natural radiant complexion. I can’t fault this or the mask. 

5) Izia perfume sample. 

I haven’t actually purchased a bottle of this. I normally wear their rich Soir D’Orient. Although I’ve had plenty of samples. It’s their latest fragrance release. And its full of Summer promise. Very floral and fresh with Rose at the heart of the fragrance.

The top notes are White Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Aldehydes

Middle Notes are Rose d’Ornarno, Transparent Floral Accord ( I have no idea what this is. Not a clue.) And Angelica

Base Notes are Cedar,Amber Accord,Musks. (These,I guess,are what give it a warmth on the dry down. To be honest,I prefer it when it’s been on for a couple of hours,but I think it’s because I favour rich musky scents over lighter florals. I just have that kind of skin that loses florals very quickly. Musks and warm notes tend to stick around longer.)

Overall, this is a good little box. It’s useful and they’ve covered most bases with it, especially if you’re on the move and can’t take all your swag with you. The mask alone will replace both serum and moisturiser for me for my ski-ing so it’s a real bonus getting this in the box. It’s a handy size for my weekend trip.  As is the cleanser and toner. 

I truly love getting this every month. Although when the samples run out, it becomes painful when I have to whittle it down to what I actually need to repurchase as a full size item.

 And then always end up crying and then caving in. (And that’s just my husband). It’s all too good.

And I now live on nothing more than beans and fresh air.  The bonus being is that I have fabulous skin that smells and looks great. 

I spent £35 for a six month subscription from the Sisley-Paris website. You can pay £70 for a whole year. I only didn’t subscribe for the full year because I genuinely wanted to see whether it was a worth it. Well it is. Trust me it’s really excellent value when you consider the quality of these products and the ingredients that are used to create them.

And I use all the plastic zip lock bags for Q-Tips, cotton pads and hair bands in my suitcase. This alone is worth the money.

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