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Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan & Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist

So,I went to Harrods at the weekend with a list of stuff that I wanted from the Beauty Hall, but as ever, I wandered away from the list and started buying other stuff not on the list.Ok, that’s not true,I also bought everything on the list as well. Which I know is bad,but trying to run through the Beauty Hall and not be sidetracked by other gorgeous things is like running the gauntlet. Its almost impossible not to get swiped by some lovely person trying to sell you something life changing. Especially when those life changing things come with a free gift. Enter Marc Jacobs and his amazing array of Coconut goodies.

Now,Marc Jacobs is one of those people I genuinely like. He’s an interesting character and like Tom Ford, he understands what women want. He already knows what you want before you,yourself know it. Its like he lives in your head and knows exactly what presses your buttons. And this coconut collection definitely presses all my buttons.

I was,in fact,on my way to the La Mer counter to get my favourite reparative skin tint and to check out this years bronzer offering. I already purchased last years, which I loved, so I wanted to see if it was up to the same standard. I would’ve happily parted with the cash if it was. However, it’s going to have to wait because I was completely hi-jacked by Marc Jacobs. Although I did buy the skin tint, mainly because I cant live without it and I had resorted to cutting my old tube in half to scrape out the remnants. Anyway, back to the bronzer. 

Its limited edition. It would be wouldn’t it? Typical. He’s created not only the perfect colour but he’s housed it in a stunning sleek compact with a massively amazing mirror. So,even long after you’ve hit pan and mullered it,you’re still left with an excellent looking glass. And just to add to its gorgeousness he’s infused it with coconut, so that every time you swipe a brush across it, you feel like your in Hawaii. It really is nothing short of beautiful. And the colour,104 Tan-Tastic, honestly couldn’t be any better for my colouring. I cant stand orange, or anything with over-red undertones. Instead it is a cooler toned bronze, so if you’re fair-skinned,new to the bronzing game,or just blatantly cack- handed this is pretty much foolproof. I couldn’t be happier

Lovely isn’t it? (So is my new red Smeg fridge)

There’s also a super-duper mega white bronzing brush. Yes,its very much like the Tom Ford Holy Grail brush, but its  equally beautiful,smacks of luxury and its synthetic.  I didn’t buy it. Which I now regret,even if my credit card doesn’t. And even now I feel twitchy, because I know myself as well as Marc Jacobs does. Which means,that somewhere, in the near future, it will be My Precious. Along with the Coconut dew drops,which I didnt buy either. But I should’ve done, because nothing makes me happier than a whole collection of something. 

So, moving onto the Setting Mist. 

Now I know there have been some reviews where people haven’t had a lot of luck with this product,which is a shame. However, I got a more than generous sample with my purchases. Ok,so I probably wouldn’t have bothered even giving it a second glance, but because the nice sales lady thrust it into my hand and said that I’d like it, who was I to argue?

I’m not really one for setting mists, as I’ve never found one that really lives up to the hype. So I’ve kind of given up with them. But because this was a freebie it was only right to give it a bash. And to be honest, its actually rather good. 

Now,from what I gather, a lot of people seem to be struggling with how it’s dispensed. They’re saying that it chucks out big droplets of oil, that is ruining their finished look. Which I’m sure is more than annoying. But,I think, judging by the little label that’s attached to the bottle, you’re supposed to push down really hard to get the fine mist. 

So,what I’ve been doing is spraying a small amount on to the back of my hand to get it going then I’ve been misting my face lightly,whilst pushing down firmly with it 2-3 times. I know it seems like Faff, but this really does work. The smell alone makes me happy and so far my face has lasted really quite well. I don’t expect miracles, but, it does lend my make-up a nice sheen for a few hours, so on that basis and that I like to have a full collection,I will more than likely be purchasing it. 

No doubt my next Marc Jacobs review will be on the rest of the collection,so watch this space…..

Sisley Beauty Subscription 

I’ve recently signed up for this monthly Sisley subscription.  It’s an excellent way to trial run products before purchasing the full size items. It’s a lovely treat every month. And I really look forward to receiving it. I’ve actually purchased some excellent products off the back of this. Some of the items I already own but it’s great having handy travel sizes if I’m going away for the weekend. The subscription service costs either £35 for 6 months or £70 for a year, which considering the quality of the products, is excellent value. 

La Mer *New* The Soft Fluid Longwear Wear Foundation & Concealer.

Anyone who has read any of my previous posts will know that I have a long term love affair with La Mer, so when the new SkinColor range came on sale I pretty much dived straight in. Well, I have bought the foundation and concealer so far. I won’t purchase the powder or the illuminator until my old ones are finished even though I’m chomping at the bit to try them out.

My initial thoughts are on the packaging because it’s what we all see first. The original cardboard casing is alot thicker and had a pearlised finished to it. This doesn’t.  Which, personally doesn’t bother me. I rather there was less waste in the world. The new packaging does seem rather more eco-friendly, which is where all companies should be at by now. And as long as the product performs, the actual packaging means very little.

The new frosted glass container seems more refined and slimmed down compared to its predecessor. Personally I prefer it. The content is no less in volume and the lid is certainly a lot more friendly.

Now onto the actual product.

This foundation is like wearing velvet.  The consistency is sublime. They’ve completely upped the game as far as long wearing foundations go. Normally all day wear makeup is thick, cakey and mask like. This is nothing of the sort. It glides on and immediately becomes one with the face. There’s no weird oxidisation. The colour stays true all day. There’s no crepeiness , no flaking, no shine  and no pilling. This absolutely  stays fresh for the entire day. Which I honestly can’t say about anything else I’ve tried. By 5pm it’s as good as it was when I first applied it. It is also chocked full of Miracle Broth goodies and the SPF is higher than the old one.  So not only do you get a brilliant foundation that stays true to form, it’s also beavering away to give you a better complexion. Love it!

I bought the shade Linen as this was the best match for my skin, although I did warm the perimeter of my face with a dusting of bronzer. I can honestly say, I looked flawless with very little effort!

The Concealer.

This is definitely a more convenient way of applying. The old compact was cute and I did like it, but this is so much more handbag friendly. So less fiddly!

I chose medium because it’s what I was in the old format and honestly, the colour is no different.  The consistency however, does boast a more moisturising finish in my opinion. It still spreads like a dream, but it is so much more silky and less opaque. It still has the great coverage quality but a more refined texture. It also carrys the Miracle Broth. Which over time will certainly make my eyes look less tired!  I haven’t stopped wearing either products since they came to my door. And will review the Powders /Brushes when the time comes to invest.

I must also point out that both products marry very well with the new Soft Moisturising lotion.  Which, is also another game  changer. I really didn’t think that La Mer could improve on what were already outstanding products. But they have.

La Mer Perfecting Treatment Review

I’d been dying to try this from the moment it came out. It was so worth the wait. I finally bagged myself some, along with another Reparative Skin Tint.Whilst this can be used alone, under moisturiser and on top of moisturuser, the results when married together with the Skin Tint is sheer magic.

It’s aim is to improve the look of the skin texture, blur out inconsistencies and create a perfect base for make-up. Infused with La Mer’s miracle broth, it also acts as a skin treatment. And,  as I now refuse to put any base layers on my face unless they’re doing good things behind the scenes, to me this is a new HG.

The consistency is very much, I think, like the La Mer gel moisturiser.It’s light pink in colour and has that lovely slippery silicone feel when it goes on. I personally don’t bother with moisturiser when I wear this. I put the skin tint straight on over it and it is more than sufficient. And I have to be honest, my face stays dewy for the whole day. I so love that they introduced this. To me, it’s an exciting product, which, after 3 weeks use is already paying dividends. I must stress however, if you’re expecting a hard core foundation primer then this is not for you. It’s more of a skin treatment base that creates a nice canvas. It’s currently £155 for 50mls, but considering how little you need, it should last a good long time. And also considering the results I’ve had, it’s been worth every penny.

Jean Paul Gaultier LTD Edition ‘Betty Boop’ Eau Fraiche.


Lucky Me! Just received this as a gift from my lovely guy. What a stunner!
This is the recently released take on Jean-Paul  Gaultier’s  ‘Classique’ fragrance featuring Betty Boop.
This beautifully designed tin has the iconic image of Betty in a Gaultier corset. It’s so good it could easily be copied as a tattoo.
I can’t tell you how much I love this. It’s  actually an Eau Fraiche, eau de toilette. Which is fine,as it’s really quite a pokey scent.(in a good way)


Top notes: Lemon Sorbet, ginger,sugar cane
Middle notes:Exotic Tiara, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Vanilla,musk, neo-labdanum.
This fragrance has always been unique.
In fact, all great fragrances are unique. They are the ones that nothing else smells like. They stand alone. Easily identified. And this has truly stood the test of time. It’s a 100mls of pure lusciousness and everything that a showgirl’s dressing room should smell like. It’s all satin, diamonds and ostrich feathers. And if the colour pink had an actual scent, I think this would be it.


Lancome Juicy Shaker Review



I know these have been out for a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to give it a bit of time before I pass a judgement.
Aesthetically they are very pleasing to eye.  A mini cocktail shaker that come in a large beautiful assortment of colours. What’s not to like? They can be mixed and matched and they all have corresponding scents to their names. But to be honest ,I kind of expected more from this.
It’s a sold as a pigment infused lip oil. It doesn’t glide on like a gloss, it has to be dabbed on with the sponge applicator. Which is fine but,slicking your lips with a colour is a hard habit to break and I find myself having to reprogramme myself to do it.


The oil and the colour separate in the bottle and have to be shaken to mix, hence it’s namesake. It seems like a lot of faff if you’re in a bit of a hurry. My other beef is that you have to screw the applicator right back in to get more colour on the sponge. Even more faff.
They do feel nice on the lips once on there though. However, the colour pay -out isn’t anything to write home about, certainly on the lighter shades. Maybe the darker berry shades yield more. The colour that it appears in the bottle is not what you get on the lips.  It’s a watered down sheer version which is great if you don’t want a solid colour, but disappointing if you did.


I will continue to use it because I like to have something on my lips during the day, but I do tend to reach for my Lancome Lip Lover gloss over this because they just have so much more substance and the colour and shine is outstandingly good and an overall superior look.